Below you can find a list of projects offered to applicants for entry in October 2019 as part of the EPSRC fully funded stream at UCL. For a brief outline of the aims of each project, please click on the Word icon below.

1 Defects by design – next generation solid state batteries
2 Development Photothermal Nanoparticles for Sensitive Lateral Flow Assay based on for Bacteria Detection
3 Elucidating the degradation mechanisms of electrolyser catalysts using advanced characterisation
4  Plasmonic enhancement of hydrogen from water: experiment and theory
5 Microdroplet-based nanoparticle characterisation for tailored material function
6 Mineralomics of the eye
7 Nanomagnets for artificially induced spin-orbit interaction and slanted Zeeman fields in quantum materials
8 Nanoscale Analysis of Protein Interactions on Biological Membranes
9 New methods for targeted deposition and electronic characterisation of 2D materials
10 Non-Fullerene Ti-Laden Acceptors for High Efficiency Ternary Photovoltaics
11 Studying nanoparticle recognition of target analytes for improved biosensors in disease diagnostics and therapeutic drug monitoring
12 The crystal structure of graphitic carbon as a function of its compositions and associated materials
13 Understanding the cycling and degradation of alloy anodes for Li and Na-ion batteries with in-situ and in-operando microscopy and spectroscopy.
12 Microwave readout of Graphene Resonators for Molecular Detection