A list of projects available at Imperial College London and University College London for 2020 recruitment are below.

 Biomaterials & Regenerative Medicine
1 Characterising competitive interactions and binding selectivity at bio-nano interfaces
2 Immunological Airways Bio-barriers Molecular Sensing and Remodelling during Nanoparticle Inhalation
3 Nanoscale Bio-imaging with a tunable Quantum Cascade Laser s-SNOM
4 Advanced Characterisation of Scaffolds for Retinal Repair
5 Detection of carbon monoxide in living cells using surface-functionalised mesoporous materials
6 Magnetic hyperthemia for cancer treatment: synthesis, characterisation, biofunctionalisation of nanoparticles for thermo-chemotherapy
7 Development Photothermal Nanoparticles for Sensitive Lateral Flow Assay based on for Bacteria Detection
Electronic & Magnetic Materials
8  New nanomaterials of phosphorus and other pnictogens: Structure, spectroscopy and applications
 9  Single Atom Devices with Controllable Electrical and Optical Properties
10  The crystal structure of graphitic carbon as a function of its compositions and associated materials
11  Chirality-led design of organic semiconducting materials
12  Probing structure and properties of ultra-flexible coordination polymer thin films for sensing devices.
13  Nanoscale to atomic scale devices for next generation electronics
14  A New View on Charge and Spin in Functional Metal Oxides
15  Non-equilibrium self-assembly of magnetic colloidal materials for photonics
Energy Materials
16  Characterisation of air stable halide perovskites phosphors
17  Plasmonic enhancement of hydrogen from water: experiment and theory
18  Multi-scale Imaging and Machine Learning to understand Li-Battery Electrodes
19  Characterisation and optimisation of next-generation membrane electrode assemblies for polymer electrolyte fuel cells
20  Functional characterization of lead-free hybrid perovskite materials and solar cells
21  Investigating defect-tolerance in ternary chalcogenides for photovoltaics
22  Role of co-catalysts on composite photoelectrodes for solar fuels
23  3D printed microsupercapacitors based on 2D material inks for on-chip technologies
Engineering Materials
24  Self-assembled nonlinear metasurfaces
25  Combined experimental development and non-equilibrium molecular dynamic modelling of a new characterisation technique for polymers and nanocomposites
26  Ceramic property variation as a function of water corrosion at interfaces
27  Coating development for corrosion resistance of Nickel-based superalloys
28  From atoms to aeroplanes – the role of oxygen in performance and failure of titanium alloys
29  Unveiling the electronic transport and optical properties of networks of two-dimensional materials: from transition metal dichalchogenides to MXenes.
30  Microwave readout of graphene resonators for Molecular detection