A list of projects available at Trinity College Dublin for 2020 recruitment are below.

Biomaterials & Regenerative Medicine
1 Advanced Characterisation of Musculoskeletal Tissue Development and Degeneration in an Organ-on-a-Chip Platform
2 DecoMAM, Decomposing the Microstructure in Additive Manufacturing
3 Ultramicroscopy of Intracellular Organelles to Decypher Macrophage Metabolic Adaptations to Biomaterials and Regeneration Using Targeted Particles
Electronic & Magnetic Materials
4 Structural Characterisation of 3D Block Copolymer Structures for ICT Device Applications
5 Strong coupling of plasmonic nanoantenna-receptor systems: enhancing light-matter interactions in photocatalysis and optoelectronics through advanced lithography and electron microscopy
6 Investigation of magnetism and optical phenomena in multimodal 2D colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals
7 Tuning luminescence in ZnO Nanowires
8 The fusion of opto-electronic and magneto-electronic materials: Metallocene derivatives of hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene
Energy Materials
9 Using ultrathin oxides to alter and control material properties
10 Investigations in bimetallic catalysis for improved solid oxide fuel cell cathodes
11 Advanced Electron Microscopy characterisation of materials and devices for energy storage
12 Correlating and exerting control over self-assembly processes to yield predictable morphological outcomes in functional hierarchical materials
Engineering Materials
13 Using advanced techniques to characterise the structure of nano-networks
14 New compositions and microstructure evolution of High Entropy Alloys for the next generation 3D-printing
15 Evaluation of 3D Photogrammetry Tools for Applications in the SEM