Below you can find a list of all projects offered to applicants for entry in September 2017. For a brief outline of the aims of each project, please click on the Word icon below.

1 Mineralomics of the eye
2 Optimising solar hydrogen production through studies of ultrafast dynamics
3 Spin Dependent Transport in Semiconductor Nanostructures
4 Structural characterization of neuropathological protein aggregates via fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) and stimulated emission depletion (STED) spectroscopy.
5 3D Imaging of Next Generation Quantum Computers and Integrated Circuits
6 Nanomechanical characterisation of soft biomimetic materials
7 Probing the Importance of Nanostructure Design for Medical Imaging Agents using Precision Chemistry and Characterisation Techniques
8 Microdroplet-based nanoparticle characterisation
9 Structural and compositional characterisation of resistive switching in silicon oxide (SiOx)
10 Studying nanoparticle recognition of target analytes for improved biosensors in disease diagnostics and therapeutic drug monitoring
11 Nanoscale and GHz characterisation of novel superconducting spintronic interfaces
12 Plasmonic Engineering of Photoelectrodes at Nanoscale for Entire UV-Visible-Near IR Light Harvesting
13 Quality and Toughness of Bone Interface Adjacent to Novel Bone Graft Materials
14 Characterisation of shape variant nanoparticles for sensing pathogens
15 MR Fingerprinting Brain Tumours
16 Light-matter-spin interaction in 2D materials