Below you can find a list of all projects offered to applicants for entry in September 2017. For a brief outline of the aims of each project, please click on the Word icon below.

1 Characterisation of catalytic nanoparticles and their interactions with biological fluids for diagnostics
2 Optimising solar hydrogen production through studies of ultrafast dynamics
3 The Ultra-Structure of the Bone Interface Adjacent to Different Bone Graft Substitute Materials
4 Laser damage pathways in nanocrystalline materials
5 Gold Nanoparticles- from Plasmonics to Stopping Hospital Acquired Infections
6 Spin-selective transport in chiral organic semiconducting materials
7 Nanoscale Engineering of Multifunctional Probes for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapeutics
8 Nanomechanical characterisation of soft materials
9 Determining the structure and mechanism of anti-bacterial ZnO nanoparticle coatings
10 Structural and compositional characterisation of resistive switching in silicon oxide (SiOx)
11 Making Crystals from Electrons
12 Spin Dependent Transport in Semiconductor Nanostructures
13 Microdroplet-based nanoparticle characterisation
14 Peptide-targeted gold nanostars for treatment of Parkinson’s
15 Well-defined bionanomaterials for cancer immunotherapy
16 In-operando evaluation of interfaces in all-solid state batteries
17 Microwave control over proximity induced superconducting spin triplet state
18 Photo-induced surface-enhanced Raman scattering for biochemical sensing
19 Characterising functional networks of nanotubes and graphenes
20 Solar cells based on two-dimensional monolayer materials “beyond graphene”