sskinner Prof Stephen Skinner – ICL Director (Industry)
Professor in the Department of Materials at Imperial College
Research Areas:

  • Materials for new energy technologies including solid oxide fuel cell electrolytes and
  • Development of interstitial oxide ion conductors for fuel cell applications
  • Development of high temperature solid state electrolysers and permeation membranes
  • In-situ characterisation of materials as function of operating conditions
  • Understanding of degradation mechanisms and durability of electroceramic devices

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Dr Neil Curson - UCL Director Dr Neil Curson – UCL Director (Industry)
Senior Lecturer in the Department of Electronic Engineering at UCL
Research Areas:

  • Controlled placement and imaging of dopants in semiconductors
  • Study and control of chemical reactions at surfaces
  • Development of scanning probe lithography techniques
  • Fabrication of novel materials by molecular manipulation

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Dorothy Duffy Dr Dorothy Duffy – Co Director UCL (Admissions)
Lecturer in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at UCL
Research Areas:

  • Radiation damage in materials
  • Biomineralization
  • Organic/inorganic interfaces
  • Crystal growth and inhibition
  • Effects of electronic excitations on radiation damage
  • Stress in nanostructures

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Dr Chris Howard – Co Director UCL (Curriculum)
Lecturer in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at UCL
Research Areas:

  • Low dimensional materials (layered materials, 2D materials, nanotubes) and their manipulation via chemical doping
  • Exotic electronic ground states (superconductivity, charge density waves)
  • Physics of solutions and liquids
  • Advanced large scale facility scattering techniques (elastic and inelastic X-ray and neutron scattering, photoemission spectroscopy, quasi elastic neutron scattering)

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Camille Dr Camille Petit – Co Director ICL (Curriculum)
Lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering at ICL
Research Areas:

  • Synthesis, Characterisation and Testing of Multifunctional Nanomaterials for Energy and Environmental Applications (e.g., CO2 capture and conversion, water purification and reuse)
  • Development of 3D and 2D nanomaterials (e.g., Metal Organic Framework, Graphite Oxide, Boron Nitride, Carbon Nitride)
  • Reactive Adsorption and Photocatalysis

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Dr+Alex+Porter_July14-004+(0) Professor Alex Porter – Co Director ICL (Curriculum)
Professor in Bioimaging and Analysis in the Department of Materials at Imperial College
Research Areas:

  • Application of analytical and 3-D electron microscopy to characterise biointerface
  • Nanotoxicology
  • Bone grafting, disease and therapy
  • Cell penetrating nanoparticles for diagnostic and therapeutic applications

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Dr Ifan Stephens – Co Director ICL (Curriculum)
Senior Lecturer in the Department of Materials at Imperial College
Research Areas:

  • The catalysis of electrochemical devices for solar fuel production, batteries, chemical synthesis and fuel cells
  • Mitigating degradation in the next generation of batteries
  • The discovery of new functional interfaces by leveraging the interplay between electrochemical measurements, microscopy, surface science characterisation, first principles calculations and in operando spectroscopy

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GT Prof Geoff Thornton – Co Director UCL (Facilities)
Professor (ERC) in the Department of Chemistry at UCL
Research Areas:

  • Nanoscience and surface science of metal oxides
  • Developing single molecule spectroscopy on oxide surfaces, imaging single molecule chemistry, and nanofabrication of functional devices
  • Crystallography
  • STM/Atomic force microscopy
  • Synchrotron radiation
  • Diffraction

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