Students from CDT ACM) took part in the first ever Great Exhibition Road Festival on the last weekend of June. The Festival was a celebration of science and the arts in the spirit of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s vision for the Great Exhibition of 1851.

Students displayed several devices in the Greener Futures Zone, one of eleven interactive Zones and used electrolysers, thermoelectric hand generators, fruit batteries, and fortune wheels to introduce visitors to ideas around a greener future. Alumni Student Josh Bailey showed visitors how to make tea using solar tubes while Connor Wells and Becky Shutt asked visitors of all ages to share their thoughts on green futures that they would like to see and the best ways to get there with the use of the fortune wheel.

Nathalie Fernando and Anouk L’Hermitte used glass vials filled with water and the dye powder to show how activated carbon is an example of a porous material, which can be used in the environment to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or pollutants from water for example.

The Great Exhibition Road Festival builds on the success of the Imperial Festival, which is now in its eighth year, and has led to collaboration between scientists, artists and other creative partners.


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Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019