Tim Ellis has been working at Rutgers University in the laboratory of Professor Stephan Schwander in the Public School of Health where he has been developing key skills in the handling of bacteria and the genetic profiling of immune cells under different conditions. Tim’s research at the London Centre for Nanotechnology focusses on the use of nanotechnology to improve our ability to treat certain diseases such as Tuberculosis, and his PhD project involves the development of novel drug delivery systems that can be inhaled into the lung, the primary site of the infection. Tim’s time in Prof. Schwander’s lab was made possible due to pre-existing lines of collaboration between Rutgers and Imperial College London. The collaboration has allowed Tim’s research group to better understand the effect of very small particles of silver against the bacteria that gives rise to Tuberculosis, and also understand the effect on specific immune cells which control the disease.

Tim Ellis continues his research at Rutgers University