2021Anouk L’Hermitte

Real-time monitoring and hydrodynamic scaling of shear exfoliated graphene

2D Materials

Date of Publication  Student Name Title Journal
2021 Anouk L’Hermitte Mechanically stable structured porous boron nitride with high volumetric adsorption capacity Journal of Materials Chemistry A
2021 Nick Williams Theory of the electrostatic surface potential and intrinsic dipole moments at the mixed ionic electronic conductor (MIEC)–gas interface Royal Society of Chemistry
2021 Ioannis Ierides Inverted organic photovoltaics with a solution-processed ZnO/MgO electron transport bilayer Journal of Materials Chemistry C
2020 Jingyi Chen

Understanding the Coarsening and Degradation in a Nanoscale Nickel Gadolinia-Doped-Ceria Electrode for High-Temperature Applications

American Chemical Society
2020 Ryan Bower Complementary Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor Compatible Deposition of Nanoscale Transition-Metal Nitride Thin Films for Plasmonic Applications ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces
2020 Hany Heiba Determining the Effect of pH on Iron Oxidation Kinetics in Aquatic Environments: Exploring a Fundamental Chemical Reaction To Grasp the Significant Ecosystem Implications of Iron Bioavailability. Journal of Chemical Education
2020 Emily Hofmann Atomic-Scale Patterning of Arsenic in Silicon by Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy ACS Nano
2020 Cameron Dashwood Trapped Transient Magnons in the Gapped Antiferromagnet Sr3Ir2O7 Nature Communications
2020 Cameron Dashwood Spontaneous cycloidal order mediating a spin-reorientation transition in a polar metal Physical Review Letters
2020 Connor Wells pH-Responsive nanocomposite fibres allowing MRI monitoring of drug release Journal of Materials Chemistry B
2020 Aysha Rafique Micellar Structure and Transformations in Sodium Alkylbenzenesulfonate (NaLAS) Aqueous Solutions: Effects of Concentration, Temperature, and Salt Soft Matter
2020 Jamie Thompson Unique hole-accepting carbon-dots promoting selective carbon dioxide reduction nearly 100% to methanol by pure water Nature Communications
2020 Ryan Bower IR hot carrier based photodetection in titanium nitride oxide thin film-Si junctions Fuel Cells
2020 Alexis Belessiotis Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Artificial Nose for High Dimensionality Fingerprinting Nature Communications
2020 Alexis Belessiotis High-Aspect-Ratio Nanostructured Surfaces as Biological Metamaterials Advanced Materials
2020 Jay Bullen Improved accuracy in multicomponent surface complexation models using surface-sensitive analytical techniques: Adsorption of arsenic onto a TiO2/Fe2O3 multifunctional sorbent Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
2020 Jay Bullen Portable and rapid arsenic speciation in synthetic and natural waters by an As(V)-selective chemisorbent, validated against anodic stripping voltammetry Water Research
2020 Jay Bullen On the application of photocatalyst-sorbent composite materials for arsenic(III) remediation: insights from kinetic adsorption modelling Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering
2020 Troy Dion Current-Controlled Nanomagnetic Writing for Reconfigurable Magnonic Crystals Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics
2020 Troy Dion Tunable magnon-magnon coupling in synthetic antiferromagnets Phys. Rev. Lett
2020 Jennifer Hack Characterization of water management in metal foam flow-field based polymer electrolyte fuel cells using in-operando neutron radiography International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
2020 Jennifer Hack X-ray Micro-Computed Tomography of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells: What is the Representative Elementary Area? Journal of The Electrochemical Society
2020 Jennifer Hack Use of X-ray Computed Tomography for Understanding Localised, Along-the-Channel Degradation of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells Electrochimica Acta
2020 Jennifer Hack Operando, 4D imaging of water evolution in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell flow fields using neutron computed tomography  Materials Science
2020 Procopios Constantinou Atomic-Scale Patterning of Arsenic in Silicon by Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy ACS Nano
2020 Eleanor Crane Using nonhomogeneous point process statistics to find multi-species event clusters in an implanted semiconductor. Journal of Physics Communications
2020 Eleanor Crane Atomic-Scale Patterning of Arsenic in Silicon by Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy ACS Nano
2020 Roisin O’connell Controlled Particle Morphology and Breath Figure Formation on Levitated Polymer Solution Droplets
2020 Paul Ryan Validation of the inverted adsorption structure for freebase tetraphenyl porphyrin on Cu(111) Chemical Communications
2020 Paul Ryan Probing structural changes upon carbon monoxide coordination to single metal adatoms The Journal of Chemical Physics
2020 Elwin Hunter-sellars Adsorption of volatile organic compounds by industrial porous materials: Impact of relative humidity Microporous and Mesoporous Materials
2020 Elwin Hunter-sellars Green Installations: A More Natural Means of Tackling Air Pollution Energy Journal
2020 Caoimhe Joyce Recent advances in gold-based metal enhanced fluorescence platforms for diagnosis and imaging in the near-infrared MaterialsToday Advances
2020 Alex Vanstone Current-Controlled Nanomagnetic Writing for Reconfigurable Magnonic Crystals Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics
2020 Tommaso Costantini Nanocomposite coatings obtained by electrophoretic co-deposition of poly(etheretherketone)/graphene oxide suspensions Journal of Materials Science
2020 Thomas McAuliffe Advancing characterisation with statistics from correlative electron diffraction and X-ray spectroscopy, in the scanning electron microscope Ultramicroscopy
2020 Thomas McAuliffe 4D-STEM elastic stress state characterisation of a TWIP steel nanotwin
2020 Thomas McAuliffe Spherical-angular dark field imaging and sensitive microstructural phase clustering with unsupervised machine learning Materials Science
2020 Victor Chang Theoretical study of the influence of hydrides on the performance of Mg and Y photocathodes Journal of Applied Physics
2020 Daniel Castillo Thermal Profiling of Cooled Radial Turbine Wheel
2020 Cameron Dashwood Strong quantum fluctuations from competition between magnetic phases in a pyrochlore iridate Physcial Review B
2020 Giulia Schukraft Mechanism and stability of an Fe-based 2D MOF during the photoelectro-Fenton treatment of organic micropollutants under UVA and visible light irradiation Water Research
2020 Anouk  L’Hermitte Mechanism and stability of an Fe-based 2D MOF during the photoelectro-Fenton treatment of organic micropollutants under UVA and visible light irradiation Water Research
2020 Anouk  L’Hermitte Universal Scaling and Real-Time Monitoring of the Production of Liquid Exfoliated Graphene ChemRxiV
2020 Joel Turner Bioinspired Glue to Medicine: Polydopamine as a Biomedical Materials
2020 Chen-Yu Tsai High electrical conductivity and crystal structure of the solid oxide cell electrode Journal of Solid State Chemistry
2020 Mudasir Yatoo LaxPr4-xNi3O10-d: Mixed A-site cation higher-order Ruddlesden-Popper phase materials as intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cell cathodes Crystals
2019 Jamie Thompson Intrinsic Thermal Desorption in a 3D Printed Multifunctional Composite CO2 Sorbent with Embedded Heating Capability ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
2019 Ryan Bower Plasmon-Enhanced Electron Harvesting in Robust Titanium Nitride Nanostructures The Journal of Physical Chemistry C
2019 Alexis Belessiotis Single-Nanometer Changes in Nanopore Geometry Influence Curvature, Local Properties, and Protein Lo- calization in Membrane Simulations Nano Letters
2019 Alexis Belessiotis Hydration and Dynamics of Ligands Determine the Antifouling Capacity of Functionalised Surfaces The Journal of Physical Chemistry C
2019 Epameinondas Skountzos A 13.56 MHz Inductive Power Transfer System Operating with Corroded Coils IEEE
2019 Chen-Yu Tsai Phase evolution and reactivity of Pr2NiO4+δ and Ce0.9Gd0.1O2-δ composites under solid oxide cell sintering and operation temperatures International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
2019 Jay Bullen Determining the Effect of pH on Iron Oxidation Kinetics in Aquatic Environments: Exploring a Fundamental Chemical Reaction To Grasp the Significant Ecosystem Implications Journal of Chemical Education
2019 Philip Haynes PEGylated surfaces for the study of DNA–protein interactions by atomic force microscopy Nanoscale
2019 Jennifer Hack Effect of cell compression on the water dynamics of a polymer electrolyte fuel cell using in-plane and through-plane in-operando neutron radiography Journal of Power Sources
2019 Jennifer Hack A lung-inspired printed circuit board polymer electrolyte fuel cell Energy Conversion and Management
2019 Roisin O’connell Phase behaviour of poly(2,6-diphenyl-p-phenylene oxide) (PPPO) in mixed solvents Polymer
2019 Thomas McAuliffe The use of scanning electron beam-based phase classification as a crucial tool in alloy development for gas turbine engine applications Microscopy and Microanalysis
2019 Daniel Castillo Design and Characterization of Additively Manufactured NGVs Operated in a Small Industrial Gas Turbine IGT Conference 2019
2019 Daniel Castillo Reliable temperature measurement with thermal history paints: an uncertainty estimation model Proceedings of ASME Turbo Expo 2019
2019 Cameron Dashwood Momentum-resolved lattice dynamics of parent and electron-doped Sr2IrO4 Phys. Rev. B
2019 Cameron Dashwood Pressure-induced structural dimerization in the hyperhoneycomb iridate β−Li2IrO3 at low temperatures Phys. Rev. B
2019 Cameron Dashwood High-resolution resonant inelastic x-ray scattering study of the electron-phonon coupling in honeycomb ɑ−Li2IrO3 Phys. Rev. B
2019 Giulia Schukraft Band gap modulation in zirconium-based metal–organic frameworks by defect engineering Journal of Materials Chemistry A
2019 Mudasir Yatoo Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Book
2019 Ryan Bower TiO2-x Enhanced IR Hot Carrier Based Photodetection in Metal Thin Film Si Junctions ACS Photonics
2019 Ryan Bower Quantifying figures of merit for localized surface plasmon resonance applications: a materials survey ACS Photonics
2019 Daphné Lubert Perquel Growth, morphology and structure of mixed pentacene films

Journal of Materials Chemistry C

2019 Weixin Song Synergistic storage of lithium ions in defective anatase/rutile TiO2 for high-rate batteries Energy Storage Materials
2019 Weixin Song Sn@C evolution from yolk-shell to core-shell in carbon nanofibers with suppressed degradation of lithium storage Energy Storage Materials
2019 Josh Bailey X-ray micro-computed tomography as a non-destructive tool for imaging the uptake of metal nanoparticles by graphene-based 3D carbon structures Nanoscale
2019 Josh Bailey Multi-Scale Imaging of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells using X-ray Micro- and Nano-Computed Tomography, Transmission Electron Microscopy and Helium-Ion Microscopy Fuel Cells
2019 Hierarchical dual-porosity nanoscale nickel cermet electrode with high performance and stability Nanoscale
2019 Victor Chang From Electronic Structure to Design Principles for Photocathodes: Cu-Ba Alloys Physical Review Applied
2019 Alexis Belessiotis-Richards Single-Nanometer Changes in Nanopore Geometry Influence Curvature, Local Properties, and Protein Localization in Membrane Simulations Nano Letters
2019 Ioannis Ierides The resurgence of organic photovoltaics Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry
2019 Jennifer Hack Effect of cell compression on the water dynamics of a polymer electrolyte fuel cell using in-plane and through-plane in-operando neutron radiography Journal of Power Sources
2019 Chen-Yu Tsai Phase evolution and reactivity of Pr2NiO4+d and Ce0.9Gd0.1O2-d composites under solid oxide cell sintering and operation conditions International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
2019 Simran Dhaliwal Redox behaviour of a ceria-zirconia inverse model catalyst Surface Science
2019 Felicity Dear Ti and its alloys as examples of cryogenic focused ion beam milling of environmentally-sensitive materials Nature Communications
2019 Troy Dion Tunable magnetization dynamics in artificial spin ice via shape anisotropy modification Physical Review B
2019 Andreas Sergides Unravelling the Growth Mechanism of the Co-Precipitation of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles with the Aid of Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction in Solution Nanoscale
2019 Dario Valter Conca Magnetic control of graphitic microparticles in aqueous solutions PNAS
2019 Bernice Akpinar Quantification of Biomolecular Dynamics Inside Real and Synthetic Nuclear Pore Complexes Using Time-Resolved Atomic Force Microscopy ACS Nano
2019 Tom Siday Terahertz Detection with Perfectly-Absorbing Photoconductive Metasurface Nano Letters
2019 Mohamed Koronfel Spatially Resolved Dissolution and Speciation Changes of ZnO Nanorods during Short-Term in Situ Incubation in a Simulated Wastewater Environment ACS Nano
2019 Mohamed Koronfel Chemical Evolution of CoCrMo Wear Particles: An in Situ Characterization Study J. Phys. Chem. C
2019 Elizabeth Norris Effects of manganese incorporation on the morphology, structure and cytotoxicity of spherical bioactive glass nanoparticles J. Colloid Inter. Sci.
2019 Elizabeth Norris Osteogenic potential of sol-gel bioactive glasses containing manganese J. Mater.Sci.Mater. Med
2019 Jennifer Hack Examining the effect of the secondary flow-field on polymer electrolyte fuel cells using X-ray computed radiography and computational modelling Int. J. Hyd. Energy
2019 Sofia Marchesini Enhanced Hydrolytic Stability of Porous Boron Nitride via the Control of Crystallinity, Porosity, and Chemical Composition J. Phys. Chem. C
2019 Sofia Marchesini Porous Boron Nitride Materials: Influence of Structure, Chemistry and Stability on the Adsorption of Organics Frontiers in Chemistry
2019 Nadir Basma The liquid structure of the solvents dimethylformamide (DMF) and dimethylacetamide (DMA) Molecular Physics
2019 Mudasir Yatoo LaPr3Ni3O9.76 as a candidate solid oxide fuel cell cathode: Role of microstructure and interface structure on electrochemical performance APL Materials
2019 Martin Hart Quantifying hexagonal stacking in diamond Scientific Reports
2019 Robert Westbrook Surface Passivation of Perovskite Films via Iodide Salt Coatings for Enhanced Stability of Organic Lead Halide Perovskite Solar Cells RRL Solar
2018 Ryan Bower Multiphase strontium molybdate thin films for plasmonic local heating applications Opt. Mater. Express
2018 Ryan Bower Temperature stability of thin film refractory plasmonic materials Optics Express
2018 Ioannis Ierides Assembly of graphene nanoflake-quantum dot hybrids in aqueous solution and their performance in light-harvesting applications Nanoscale
2018 Robert Westbrook Effect of Interfacial Energetics on Charge Transfer from Lead Halide Perovskite to Organic Hole Conductors J. Phys. Chem. C
2018 Mudasir Yatoo La2Pr2Ni3O10±δ Ruddlesden-Popper phase as potential intermediate temperature-solid oxide fuel cell cathodes Solid State Ionics
2018 Weixin song Co3O4 hollow nanospheres doped with ZnCo2O4 via thermal vapor mechanism for fast lithium storage Energy Storage Materials
2018 Josh Bailey Three dimensional characterisation of chromatography bead internal structure using X-ray computed tomography and focused ion beam microscopy J Chromatography A
2018 Bernice Akpinar A Programmable DNA Origami Platform for Organizing Intrinsically Disordered Nucleoporins within Nanopore Confinement ACS Nano
2018 Josh Bailey Evaluating microstructure evolution in an SOFC electrode using digital volume correlation Sust. Ener. Fuels
2018 Victor Chang Work function and quantum efficiency study of metal oxide thin films on Ag(100) Phys. Rev. B
2018 Josh Bailey Understanding the thermo-mechanical behaviour of solid oxide fuel cell anodes using synchrotron X-ray diffraction Solid State Ionics
2018 Josh Bailey Identifying the Cause of Rupture of Li-Ion Batteries during Thermal Runaway Adv. Sci.
2018 Tom Siday Efficient photoconductive terahertz detector with all-dielectric optical metasurface APL Photonics
2018 Tom Siday Resonant scattering probes for terahertz near-field microscopy Proc. SPIE
2018 Tom Siday An efficient terahertz detector based on an optical hybrid cavity Proc. SPIE
2018 Jon Rackham Towards Two-Dimensional Oxides for Optoelectronic Applications MRS Adv.
2018 Elizabeth Norris The influence of cobalt incorporation and cobalt precursor selection on the structure and bioactivity of sol-gel-derived bioactive glass J. Sol-Gel Sci. Tech.
2018 Nadir Basma Local Structure and Polar Order in Liquid N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) J. Phys. Chem. B
2018 Martin Hart Doping-induced disappearance of ice II from water’s phase diagram Nature Physics
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2018 Tim Ellis Multimetallic Microparticles Increase the Potency of Rifampicin against Intracellular Mycobacterium tuberculosis ACS Nano
2018 Tim Ellis The Effect of Bacterial Growth Phase and Culture Concentration on Uranium Removal from Aqueous Solution Chemical Geology
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2018 Mohamed Koronfel Understanding the reactivity of CoCrMo-implant wear particles NPJ Materials Degr.
2018 Shiny Mathew Aerosol-assisted chemical vapor deposition of V2O5 cathodes with high rate capabilities for magnesium-ion batteries Journal of Power Sources
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2017 Josh Bailey Correlation between triple phase boundary and the microstructure of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell anodes: The role of composition, porosity and Ni densification Journal of Power Sources
2017 Josh Bailey Characterising thermal runaway within lithium-ion cells by inducing and monitoring internal short circuits Energy Env Sci.
2017 Weixin Song Tuning the Double Layer of Graphene Oxide through Phosphorus Doping for Enhanced Supercapacitance ACS Energy Lett
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2017 Bernice Akpinar Nanopore extended field-effect transistor for selective single-molecule biosensing Nature Comm.
2017 Felicity Dear Mechanisms of hydrogen embrittlement in steels: discussion Phil.Trans.R.Soc
2017 Felicity Dear Political, economic and environmental concerns: discussion Phil.Trans.R.Soc
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2017 Josh Bailey Laser-preparation of geometrically optimised samples for X-ray nano-CT J. Microscopy
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2017 Josh Bailey Analyzing the Mechanical Performance of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells at Interfacial Anode/Electrolyte Regions using Sub-Micron Resolution 3D X-Ray Computed Tomography ECS Trans
2017 Sofia Marchesini Tunable porous boron nitride: Investigating its formation and its application for gas adsorption Micro. Meso. Mater.
2017 Sofia Marchesini Template-Free Synthesis of Highly Porous Boron Nitride: Insights into Pore Network Design and Impact on Gas Sorption ACS Nano
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