Sean_Kavanagh_EnergyJournalSpring2020 Séan Kavanagh from our 2019 cohort published a paper on high-throughput material modelling as a tool in advanced energy technologies in the spring edition of the Energy Journal.

High-throughout screening presents a promising pathway to the accelerated discovery of next-generation energy materials. While this rapidly-expanding field has already demonstrated successful application, there still remains several challenges, such as an inherent cost-accuracy tradeoff. By developing intelligent strategies to counteract these issues, researchers hope to identify novel compounds which are capable of radically enhancing the performance of modern energy technologies. Full Article…

Fig2_fHsweeps Cohort 3 student Troy Dion published his paper Tunable magnetization dynamics in artificial spin ice via shape anisotropy modification in August 2019 in Physical Review B.

Artificial spin ice (ASI) is metamaterial whose properties are determined by the arrangement of nanomagnets rather than the material properties of which the elements are made. In this paper we explore how changing the size of the elements within the three sublattices that comprise the ASI affects the magnetisation dynamics and access to microstates with much simpler field protocols than is available in conventional ASI. We employed various characterisation techniques such as ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) to measure the dynamics, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) to determine the sample dimensions and quality as well as magnetic force microscopy (MFM) for microstate detection. Results and interpretations are also supported by micromagnetic simulations The research was in strong collaboration between UCL and Imperial in London and Kyushu University in Japan. Full Article…

  In April 2019, final year student Tom Siday’s research paper, Terahertz Detection with Perfectly -Absorbing Photoconductive Metasurface, was published in Nanoletters. The paper was co-authored with Polina Vabishchevich, Lucy Hale, Charles Thomas Harris, Ting Shan Luk, John Reno, Igal Brener and Oleg Mitrofanov. Full article….
  Final year student Dario Conca’s research paper, Magnetic control of graphitic Microparticles in aqueous solutions, has been published by Proceedings by the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS). The paper was co-authored with Johnny Nguyen, Dario Valter Conca, Johannes Stein, Laura BovoIsabel Llorente Garcia and CDT Co-director Chris Howard. Full article….
In January 2019, CDT students, Hany Heiba and Jay Bullen collaborated with Dominik Weiss, Andreas Kafizas, Tony Cass, Ramon Vilar, Peter Childs and Stephen Skinner at Imperial College London to publish an article entitled Arsenic contaminated groundwater – a problem in India and the UK. The paper was published by the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Environmental Chemistry Group.  Full article…
  Second year student Caoimhe Joyce with Sarah Fothergill and Fang Xie from Imperial College London, has published the research paper, Metal enhanced fluorescence biosensing: from ultra-violet towards second near-infrared window
in the journal Nanoscale. Full article….
Mohamed Koronfel has co-published an article in Nature entitled Understanding the reactivity of CoCrMo-implant wear particles. The article, co-authored with Angela Goode, Jonathan Nelson Weker, Stephen Tay, Camilla Stitt, Thiago Simoes, Fredrick Mosselmans, Paul Quinn, Rik Brydson, Alister Hart, Michael Toney, Alexandra Porter and Mary Ryan. Mohamed was awarded the Institute of Corrosion’s Galloway Award 2018 for his work on this paper. Full article….
Daphné Lubert-Perquel has co-published an article in Nature Communications entitled Identifying triplet pathways in dilute pentacene films. The article, co-authored with Enrico Salvadori, Matthew Dyson, Paul N. Stavrinou, Riccardo Montis, Hiroki Nagashima, Yasuhiro Kobori, Sandrine Heutz and Christopher Kay. Full article….
Final year student Tim Ellis has co-published an article in the American Chemical Society journal. The article, co-authored with Michele Chiappi, Andres Garcia-Trenco, Maryam Al-Ejji, Srijata Sarkar, Theoni K. Georgia, Milo Shaffer, Teresa Tetley, Stephan Schwander, Mary Ryan and Alexandra Porter, is entitled Multimetallic Microparticles Increase the Potency of Rifampicin against Intercellular Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Full article….
In April 2018, final year student Martin Hart  co-published an article in Nature Physics. The article, co-authored with Jacob Shephard, Ben Slater, Peter Harvey, Craig Bull, Steven Bramwell and Christoph Salzmann  is entitled Doping-induced disappearance of ice II from water’s phase diagram. Full article….
Second year student Jennifer Hack has co-published an article in The Journal of the Electrochemical Society. The article is entitled A Structure and Durability Comparison of Membrane Electrode Assembly Fabrication Methods: Self-Assembled Versus Hot-Pressed. Full article….
  Final year student Bernice Akpinar co-published the research paper, Nanopore extended field-effect transistor for selective single-molecule biosensing in Nature Communications. Full article….