A list of industry co-funded projects available at Imperial College London and University College London for 2021 recruitment are below.

You can find information on the programme here and on the application process here. Please mention the project you apply for in your cover letter.

1 Titel: Novel photocathodes for hydrogen production

Industry partner: BP

2 Titel: 4D imaging of Additive Manufacturing of Bioglass by Lithographic Printing
Industry partner: Lithoz GmbH
3 Titel: Operando spectro-microscopic studies of interfaces in coated system

Industry partner: BASF

4 Titel: Materials degradation and electrochemistry in confined geometries

Industry partner: BASF

5 Titel: Correlative 3D Cryo-Imaging of Microorganisms for Understanding Anti- Microbial Agents

Industry partner: P&G

6 Titel: Scanning Probe Fabrication and Readout of Atomically Precise Silicon Quantum Technologies

Industry partner: Nanolayers Research Computing LTD