A list of projects available at University College London for 2021 recruitment are below.

You can find information on the programme here and on the application process here.

1  Defect Engineering for Future Energy Technologies
2  Characterisation and Optimisation of High Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
3  Understanding sintering for energy materials applications
4  Alzheimer’s disease and the biochemical role of calcification in the brain
5  Nanoscale characterisation of immune proteins on target membranes
6  Restoring bone regeneration in diabetic patients using ionic therapy or Understanding the role of ions released from bioactive glases for improved bone tissue engineering
7  Probing the Dynamics of Ferroelectric Polar Vortices and Charged Domain Walls
8  Controlling spins in two-dimentional magnets probed by GHz spectroscopy techniques
9  Non-equilibrium self-assembly of magnetic colloidal materials for photonics 
10  Continuous flow synthesis of nanomaterials for energy and healthcare: Development of in-situ techniques for the characterisation and control of nanoparticle properties
 11  Electrospinning for novel Lithium-Sulfur battery cathodes
12  Laser damage pathways in nanocrystalline materials