Welcome to the Centre for Doctoral Training in the Advanced Characterisation of Materials. We are funded by the EPSRC (Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council)  and SFI (Science Foundation Ireland) to train new scientists to be experts in the application of advanced analytical techniques for materials development. From energy to nanotechnology, healthcare to electronics, biomaterials to ceramics, the need determine the properties of new materials is essential.

We offer a learning environment that is both stimulating and challenging, and through the use of specialist teachers and a unique training structure we enable our students to develop into extraordinary scientists and engineers. We support and encourage a collaborative atmosphere both socially and academically, which results in a close-knit cohort of students emerging each year. Based in the heart of London, our CDT is joint venture between University College London, Imperial College London and Trinity College Dublin and so is able to offer a suite of state-of-the-art characterisation facilities and accompanying expertise.

Our students develop the capability to use creative solutions to tackle the most complex of materials characterisation challenges and to communicate their knowledge to others. The problem-solving skills our students learn will make them stand out in any profession that they choose to pursue.

Students graduated from the centre have moved onto roles in policy with the Department of Health in the government, industry positions at the National Physical Laboratory and Post-doctoral roles at Imperial College London, UCL and University of Florida

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