Students, staff and guest speakers recently attended the CDT-ACM Summer Retreat in Catalonia, Spain. The retreat was held at the Eden Roc Hotel in Girona from 18-21 July 2017. Three days of talks were organised alongside activities such as a Dragons Den style challenge where students were introduced to a material innovation/new product patent and asked to devise a related product design. Students then pitched the design and a strategy for delivering and marketing the product to a panel of CDT staff.

Guest speakers included Dr Sarah Haigh and Dr Robert Lindsay from the University of Manchester, Professor Rodney Priestley from Princeton, Dr Daryl Williams from Imperial College, and Dr Jose Santiso from the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology. Dr Jörg Zegenhagen was also invited from the Diamond Lightsource Facility in Harwell, Oxfordshire.

Students gave seminars and presented posters on their research and also participated in panel discussions on industrial placements and discrimination in the workplace.

Prizes were awarded to students Daphné Lubert-Perquel, Nadir Basma, Bernice Akpinar and Alexis Belessiotis for best presentation and posters.

Overall it was a very successful and enjoyable retreat!

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CDT-ACM Spanish Summer Retreat