Tim Mohamed

CDT students Tim Ellis and Mohamed Koronfel from cohort one hosted two work experience students during the summer break as part of the Nuffield Foundation placements programme. The charity places students from state school backgrounds within STEM institutions nationwide for a 4 week placement.

The programme founded in 2011 is committed to widening university access to state school students between the ages of 16-17, covering their travel and providing a small stipend for the duration of the placement.

Both students worked on projects involving nanomaterials in the biological environment, synthesising nanoparticles for (1) therapeutic applications and (2) to simulate nanomaterials from orthopaedic implants that instigate adverse effects in the body. They presented their characterisation data, findings and will be giving poster presentations this October during a conference organised by Nuffield.

More information on the Nuffield Foundation can be found here

CDT-ACM hosts Nuffield Foundation student placements